Fiction · Young Adult

The Fault In Our Stars-John Green

A girl meets a guy. One is a cancer patient and the other cancer survivor. Two totally different people get along well and become buddies. They spend time together, watch movies, hang out, read each other’s favourite novel and gradually start falling in love.

Some really lovely moments and then the cancer rebounds in the boy and he dies. The stars definitely didn’t shine on them.


Hazel Grace has got Thyroid cancer and is forced to move everywhere with her oxygen tank. Augustus Waters is a survivor of osteosarcoma which resulted in an amputated leg.

They both meet at a cancer support group and there’s a spark and they become friends.Hazel gives a book “An Imperial Affliction” to Augustus to read. They both are vexed at the abrupt ending of the book and want to know what happens next. Enter Genies, the wish granting company. Augustus uses his wish to fly both of them to Amsterdam to meet the author of the book, Peter Van Houten who turns out to be a drunk and jerk and refuses to answer any of their questions. Subsequently, Augustus’s health deteriorates due to cancer recurrence. Hazel stays with him all the time during his last days. After Augustus dies, Hazel finds out through Lidewij, Peter Houten’s assistant that he had been writing her an eulogy. That he was happy for the choices that he had made. Was she??

I liked

Augustus uses his wish from Genies (a wish granting company) to arrange for a visit to Amsterdam for both himself and Hazel. To use a once in a lifetime opportunity for someone else is really special.

During the last days of Augustus, Hazel is constantly by his side. His father tells Hazel that he thanks God everyday for her. A father’s praise is always rare and priceless.

The inspiring words written everywhere in Augustus’s home by his parents to uplift his spirits are really touching. It shows how cancer affects not just one person and how the whole family stays with you and fights with you.

I didn’t like

Hazel and Augustus are shown to be teenagers but their talks are such as to send any philosopher to shame. None of them is a great reader as depicted in the book but somehow manage to say things that are hard to comprehend and don’t appear to be coming from teenagers who have read very few books and spent half their life fighting cancer.

I’ve read the biography of Lance Armstrong. The depiction of physical and mental condition of a cancer patient and the chemo were so intense that they gave me goosebumps. The Fault In Our Stars definitely lacks that.

The irritating banter of “always…always…” by Issac and his girlfriend Monica and the fact that she left him as soon as she knew about his upcoming surgery and blindness.

Bottom Line

A book praised and loved by millions and showing the relation of two cancer patients and their approach to life. A sweet love story with many philosophical monologues. It’s up to you to decide how you feel about it.

Sometimes you get to choose your battles and sometimes they choose you. – Gabe Grunewald


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