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Too Good to be True-Shiela O’Flanagan

Love at first sight, quick marriage in Vegas, disapproval of family and friends, squabble and regret.

This is what you will be greeted with in Too Good to be true by Shiela O’ Flanagan. I started reading the book with the expectation of romance and love and of course fights but effort to work on relationship and here’s what I found.


Carey, an air traffic controller is on a plane to New York and seated beside her is Ben, owner of a herbal stores chain. They warm up to each other instantly and what follows is one more meeting and the wedding. On returning home, everyone is shocked and then things get out of hand in the wedding party thrown by Ben’s sister Freya who had an icy disposition towards Carey. Ben and Carey both have their pasts and both surface during the party and they fight and get separated. The divorce is still four years away in Ireland and hence Carey decides to fly to Dominican Republic to get a divorce where Ben pursues her and finally a happy ending.

This is literally the length of space given to Ben and Carey and their relationship. The book revolves around many many characters and each one has their story and  each story has been woven in the book.

I liked

The details of the lives of other character is subtle and never gets too monotonous or isolated. It just seems the part of the story.

The flow of the story never got too slow or stagnant. So, one could not get bored by the book. There was always something going on.

I finished reading the book in three days. So, I can say that it was something. Any average reader would like the book but if you are much into romance and love and fantasy, then you are sure to be disappointed.

I didn’t like

The development of plot by including the lives of other characters in the book just makes the book interesting but what I missed was many more pages of romance and love between Carey and Ben. How they got to know each other, what was going on in their minds about each other, those fears and anxieties and butterflies; all these essential spices in any Romance novel were definitely missing.

I also felt that the character of Leah with all her sensuousness and beauty did not get appropriate justice. She is a masseuse and extremely beautiful but has been portrayed to be constantly ogling over Ben. Her striking personality and her constant pursuit for Ben are not quite fathomable.

Carey sometimes became too irritating to bear. She is shown to be impulsive but there certainly is a limit to that and the character seems unrealistic sometimes and hard to love.

Bottom Line

A book well written and enjoyable but not for those who are looking for love and lust and passion.

When I saw you I fell in love, and you smiled because you knew. – William Shakespeare


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